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Plating plants from Topocrom Systems

Systems engineering from Topocrom Systems


For inquiries in regard to systems engineering please contact:

Topocrom Systems AG
Gewerbestrasse 8
8212 Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Switzerland
Phone: +41 (0)71 620 01 83

Plating facilities for work rolls

These TOPOCROM® plants are specifically designed for the coating of work rolls in steelworks. The reactors are equipped with special facilities to guarantee a trouble-free, safe and continuous coating production.

TOPOCROM® coating in one process step

The TOPOCROM® surface is only deposited in closed reactor systems. After the coating preparation (inspection and cleaning of the roll) the roll is inserted into the reactor and hermetically closed. The roller then passes through the various process steps under permanent rotation. After completion of the coating, the working roll is rinsed in the reactor and then removed. It can then be used immediately in the roll stand.

Principle of a TOPOCROM® reactor:

1. reactor head with work roll
2. power transmission element
3. anodes
4. partial cover of the roll neck
5. work-piece is rotated continually during the process
6. partial cover of the roll neck

Computerised process technology

The customised requirements can always be reproduced in consistent quality thanks to computerised production processes and manufacturing systematization.
The sophisticated processes are safe and easy to carry out.

Process experience in steel works

To ensure efficient and safe handling of the heavy rolls, proven systems are available.

  • Pre-treatment robot
  • Assembly and disassembly device
  • Transport and storage device