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Hardness: 750 – 1100HV

The coating temperature is below 60 ° C, so a distortion of material is not to be expected

Topocrom® can be used up to a temperature of 400 ° C, The hardness of the Topocrom® coating will be reduced at higher temperatures

All electrically conductive metals can be coated. Roughness value of the functional surface before coating Rz <4 µm The surface should be free of defects such as pores, grooves, grinding commas etc. Chrome layers do not eliminate surface defects in the base material.

The layer thickness depends on the desired structure and roughness of the Topocrom® layer. Example: Rz 4-6µm, layer thickness 18-20µm. With higher roughness values, the layer thickness increases accordingly. As a rule, however, layer thicknesses up to 120µm are possible.

Possible roughness values: Rz 4-80µm, Ra 0.4-10µm

Values: RPc 60/cm (open structure) to RPc 200/cm (closed structure)

Coating thickness tolerance: +/- 10%
Topography tolerance: +/- 15%.

You will receive perfectly cleaned work pieces, absolutely free of chrome VI

Our usual delivery time is 10-15 working days

To prepare an offer we need a technical drawing of the work piece to be coated. The functional area (coating surface) must be clearly marked. In addition, we need information on the material and the desired quantity (batch sizes).