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Internal and external coating for extreme conditions

The targeted layer structure of the TOPOCROM® coating (definition and specification of layer thickness and surface structure) can achieve significant improvements in the service life.

  • Interior coating of casting moulds for the transport of liquid steel
  • Coating of male and female dies, forming tools
  • Coating of exposed parts in the chemical industry
  • Coating of components of all kinds for mechanical engineering

During the continuous flow of the liquid steel, the mould tube is subjected to extreme stress. The high temperature results in a particularly high wear effect. However, the resistance of the TOPOCROM® structure to this wear mechanism is very high. The internal coating of the mould with high resistance characteristics leads to significant improvements in the service life. Experience values in the steelworks have proven a two to three times longer life time.

Highresistance interior coating extends service life

Multi-layer TOPOCROM® interior coating for continuous casting mold made of copper.

Interior coating of continuous casting molds

When the liquid steel flows through the mould, high temperatures, pressures and abrasion effects occur. The TOPOCROM® coating guarantees longer service life. Remarkable is the fact that the coating thickness is precisely defined over the entire cross-section and in the radii and the coating thickness can be maintained at a constant level during the coating process.

Better friction values thanks to TOPOCROM® surface

The special feature of this layer system:
A hemispherical structure forms on the coated surface. This surface shows great advantages in sheet metal forming. The adhesion between tool and sheet metal is reduced; adhesion and welding effects are avoided.

The surface is able to carry lubricants

The concave impressions between the hemispheres generate hydrostatic lubricant pockets. The TOPOCROM® coating enables an even wettability with lubricant.


Exact reproducibility of the defined surface

The TOPOCROM® coating is produced in an industrially tested process. The forming tools are coated in closed reactors. The computer-aided system control ensures that the desired coating properties are exactly reproduced.

Coating of forming tools

By coating the forming tools with TOPOCROM® highresistance, the service life can be considerably increased. A favourable forming behaviour is achieved by the reduction of friction .