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Thanks to the surface properties adapted to the respective task, we have developed a wide range of industrial solutions. The basic principle is always the multi-layer TOPOCROM® layer system, which is designed according to the reactor principle. However, the finished coatings differ in terms of their properties (sliding ability, abrasion resistance, roughness values, grip, liquid transport, wettability, demouldability, forming property, embossing property or texturing).
The different "recipes" and process parameters are developed individually according to the requirements of the customer and stored for computer-aided production. This ensures exact reproducibility at all times.

In the following we give some application examples from industries, in which the TOPOCROM® surface coatings are used particularly frequently. We would be pleased to advise you about the application possibilities in your production.

Carbon and textile industry: Coating of filament guiding elements

Due to the "soft" topography, the TOPOCROM® coating of filament processing machine components has proven itself very well. The avoidance of filament breakage and splicing, as well as the longer service life of components coated with TOPOCROM® have been proven in numerous application areas.

Coating of components for carbon, aramid, glass, basalt, chemical or technical fibres/yarns

Practical example:
eyelets, deflection elements, spreading elements, filament guiding bars, rollers, scoop rollers etc.

Further information see carbonprocessing

TOPOCROM® coating of filament guiding rollers, spools or eyelets reduces filament breaks

Printing industry: coating of rolls for the printing machines

In this field of application, the exactly definable wettability of the roll surface is used. In dampening systems, dampening rollers must convey precisely defined quantities of liquid. With the TOPOCROM® surface coating this challenge could be solved convincingly and uniquely worldwide.

Further information see rollstructuring

Coating of the dampening rollers in offset printing machines (used by the world's leading machine manufacturer)

Plastic injection technology and extrusion tools: coating of male and female dies, tool inserts

The use of TOPOCROM®-coated male and female dies in the plastic injection moulding technology has been tried and tested for years and has proven itself. Compared to differently coated or structured surfaces, TOPOCROM® achieves significantly better results in various respects: good demouldability, longer service life, faster cycle times.

Coating of injection and extrusion tools for various types of plastic, fibre-reinforced plastic/composites, compounds, elastomer, rubber, silicon

Practical examples:
cores, ejector pins, cavities, 2-component moulds, mandrels, nozzles, slot dies, screws, plate moulds, forming tools, smoothing rolls, calender rolls

Further information see easyeject

Coating of plastic injection tools ensures better demoldability and longer service life

Metal sheet forming: Coating of forming tools

The TOPOCROM® coating shows great advantages in metal sheet forming:

The friction between tool and sheet metal is reduced. The holding down device (with high Ra value) coated with TOPOCROM® holds the sheet metal down in such a way that no stick-slip effect occurs. Lubricant deposits in the recesses between the hemispheres of the surface so that no cold welding effect can occur. The coating thus ensures a long service life of the dies and the holding down device.



The coating of forming tools allows lubricant transport, reduces adhesion and extends tool life.

Metal sheet industry: better feeding behaviour thanks to TOPOCROM® coating

The adjustable topography or definable roughness of the coating on feed rollers leads to desired frictional properties (grip). This also prevents the stick-slip effect. Leading manufacturers of sheet feeding machines and straightening machines have their rollers coated by Topocrom. In addition, rolls coated in this way are characterised by longer service lifes.

Further information see rollstructuring

Feeder rollers can be specifically coated so that they show increased feeding behaviour (grip).

Steel industry: interior coating of continuous casting moulds

TOPOCROM® surfaces are characterised by favourable wear behaviour when transporting liquid steel. They resist the extreme conditions with regard to heat and abrasion better than other coatings.

Further information see highresistance

Interior coating of a continuous casting mould with TOPOCROM®

Thin sheet producing industry: skin-passing, texturizing, embossing

In the automotive industry, car body panels are often processed, which are provided with a structured surface by means of TOPOCROM®-coated skin pass rolls. These sheet metal surfaces improve the forming results and form an ideal basis for modern painting technology.

Further information see systems engineering

In the steelworks the so-called skin pass rolls are coated with TOPOCROM®. During rolling, the structure of the surface is embossed in the rolled thin sheet. This leads to improved forming behaviour and the sheet metal parts can be coated without moirée effects and get a brilliant appearance.