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About us

TOPOCROM® – coatings: Four

Decades of proven quality

Our companies have long lasting industrial experience in the field of surface engineering.

Demanding requirements from our customers in the mechanical engineering and automotive industries, steelworks and processing plants, the carbon and textile industry and the construction industry have challenged us time and again.
Our problem solutions have led to ground-breaking production improvements in several industries.

TOPOCROM® – for manifold problem solutions

TOPOCROM® is a hemispherical surface structure with amazing properties. It can significantly increase tool life, minimise abrasion, improve sliding properties, transport liquids, improve adhesion and much more.
TOPOCROM® coated skin pass rolls are also

Technological lead thanks to research and development

We are development leaders in our industry. This is based on our willingness to constantly research and test new innovative surfaces with special properties. This has led to new coating systems and to the environmentally friendly, modern and energy-efficient reactor process. In cooperation with our customers and leading research institutes, we develop new future-oriented solutions.

In Germany:
Most modern production plant for TOPOCROM® surface coatings in Stockach

The coating plant in Stockach meets all requirements for integrated process reliability and rational production methods. Differently dimensioned reactors are available for single part and series coating. Here, sampling for new areas of application as well as surface coating on an industrial scale is carried out.
Topocrom GmbH, 78333 Stockach, Germany

In Switzerland:
Engineering for TOPOCROM® coating systems in reactor principle

For workpieces with a high transport weight (e.g. skin pass or texturing rolls in the steel mill), it is recommended to set up a separate coating plant at the place of use. Our engineers take over the planning and configuration of your coating plant. Many years of engineering experience, competent specialists for the plant components and the knowledge gained from our own production practice guarantee a reliable, user-friendly solution.
Topocrom Systems AG, 8212 Neuhausen, Switzerland

Important values we stand for

People, products, partners, society and the environment form our value system for our daily activities. They form the basis for strategic decisions. With regard to products, we attach great importance to the highest quality and the claim that we always offer our customers the best solution for their specific surface coating requirements. In doing so, sustainable action that keeps our ecological footprint as small as possible is important to us.

Certified Management System

Topocrom GmbH is organised according to a process-oriented approach. ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 form the basis for this. Further certificates and processes are integrated into an overall system to meet customer requirements and to continuously increase customer satisfaction.

TOPOCROM® - a technology of sustainability

The TOPOCROM® surface structure generates a decisive benefit. Furthermore, the TOPOCROM® layer effectively protects against wear and corrosion and thus extends the service life of the components. The closed system technology in our company fulfils the highest standards for people and the environment and ensures energy-efficient coating processes.

International Quality Certificates

Everything from one source

From individual planning to production and new coating.

Cost savings

You can even buy completely manufactured and coated components from us. We coordinate the production of parts according to your drawings from the specialized manufacturer right from the start.
This procedure ensures that the surface condition of the functional surfaces meets all requirements to obtain an optimum TOPOCROM® coating. This handling from one source simplifies your purchasing process and reduces the procurement time.

During various production processes, work-pieces are exposed to mechanical and/or chemical abrasion. Topocrom GmbH has technologies at its disposal to remove worn layers from the base material gently and cost-effectively.
Provided the functional surface in the base material is not damaged, a new TOPOCROM® layer can be applied immediately - without further processing. This procedure saves you time and money.

Individual solutions

We have many years of industrial experience in the further development and optimization of coating systems and look forward to your challenges.
We are able to adjust the TOPOCROM® coatings specifically to the properties you require and thus provide a solution contribution for your production progress. Our development specialists are used to cooperating with specialist institutes or R&D departments and thus finding solutions together.

Coatable base materials:
Steel, steel alloys, cast alloys, stainless steel, copper, Cu-alloys, aluminium, Al alloys, titanium, Ti alloys


Demands on the base material:
The functional surface needs a roughness value of Rz <4µm, without any surface defects, before coating.

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