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extremely low friction values

High performance in chrome – significantly reduced abrasion

TOPOFLON® is based on a TOPOCROM® layer into which PTFE anti-friction substances are integrated by an additional treatment. The field of application of TOPOFLON® is diverse. In case of special requirements, please contact our qualified personnel.

TOPOFLON® characteristics

  • Hardness TOPOCROM® layer: max. 1100 HV
  • Electrical conductivity: antistatic, non-insolating
  • Layer thickness e.g. 30-40µm or according to prior discussion
  • All electrically conductive metals can be coated
  • Outstanding heat conductivity (99.8%)
  • Temperature resistance of the Teflon particles: -240°C to +250°C

Applications in the following industries:

  • Plastic industry, e.g. extrusion dies
  • Food industry, e.g. stirring devices, dough nozzles
  • Pharma industry e.g. sorting and transporting devices
  • Packaging industry